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Friday, October 5, 2012

Full Speed v.4 (Internet Booster) | PC Software Download

 Full Speed v.4 will improve the speed and performance of all Broadband connections at home or business. Broadband Service Providers make great claims of the speed you will get from their service but in reality this is not always delivered and is partly due to the over cautious settings in Windows. Full Speed helps fix this worldwide issue and sets up Windows to better match current Broadband services. You will get excellent increases in performance with everything you do online. The boost will optimize Windows and Browsers to give you faster and smoother performance with all activities such as downloading, Web Browsing, Remote Desktop sessions, Office Intranets, music/video streaming, VPNs, email, P2P and gaming. Simple real-time "Before and After" tests will instantly show you the gains you have achieved. Extremely simple to use: just one click and everything is instantly and automatically done for you. The boost effects are permanent (unless you want to go back to the old settings of course) and last forever.

Amazing Results
Get faster Internet speed and boost your broadband, for Free. Get amazing results instantly and see the results instantly by doing the simple 'Before and After' Web speed test.
Speed Tests
Data tests show your real data and Broadband connection performance.One Click
One click is all it takes to get faster Broadband. No questions, no tech' speak.

  • Overall faster Internet connection speed
  • Faster web site browsing
  • Faster download speeds
  • Improve Internet and Intranet performance
  • Smoother, more responsive online Gaming
  • Smoother streaming of music and movies
  • Faster download for songs and video
  • Faster performance even with email
  • Faster loading Web graphics and images
  • Faster loading Web pages
  • Faster Internet Browser performance
  • Speed test for Web site browsing
  • Speed test for general data transfer
  • Works for businesses or home users
  • Improved VPN and WAN performance
  • Increased peak download speed
  • More consistent data transfer
  • Better data flow efficiency
  • Less corrupt downloads
  • Works with networks and Intranets
  • Works with all ADSL/DSL modems and routers
  • Works over wireless
  • Smoother surfing
  • More responsive Internet experience
  • Free to use forever

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